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Advanced Training of Nuclear Piping Safety Analysis Successfully Concluded
2013-6-13 17:17:28

Between 3rd and 7th Juin, “Advanced Training of Nuclear Piping Safety Analysis” was successfully held in Beijing by Global Crown Technology. This training is held especially for Chinese nuclear power stations’ and nuclear power plants’ R&D department and lectured by Mr. Catalano, Vice-president of DST, the software PepS developer, engineers of nuclear industry from Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Zhengzhou attended this training . 

Mr. Catalano presented the use of the software PepS for analyzing the nuclear piping safety and the analysis and evaluation of the nuclear class 1 piping which is the essential and difficult for nuclear safety analysis. Besides, the development trends of nuclear piping safety analysis technology was also introduced, especially the new analysis theory and technology applied in countries where nuclear was well developed, and the development planning and aims of the PepS in the future. As the only nuclear piping safety analysis tool where the AMSE and RCC-M standard criteria were internal, PepS keeps in updating of ASME and RCC-M which makes it indispensable.

For ensuring the environment and public safety, requirement of safety for nuclear power stations and other nuclear power plants is increased more and more by national nuclear safety management department, R&D units launched a vigorous research and exploration for better satisfying these needs. Cooperation between Global Crown Technology and DST began at 2004, we provid PepS software for Chinese customers and become the preferred nuclear piping safety analysis tools supplier relying on the well cooperation records with nuclear industrial clients for many years.

Global Crown Technology will hold more technical exchanges and trainings with higher level for Chinese customers and serve for our nuclear industrial clients with nuclear industrial QA standard in the future.